07 October 2015

One of our webapps allows for attaching a file when creating a new “Widget”. We don’t do anything fancy here and simply use a HttpPostedFileBase field on the view model. Overall the relevant bits look like this:

View Model

public class WidgetCreateVM
    public HttpPostedFileBase Document { get; set; }


@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Document, new { type = "file" })


public ActionResult Create(WidgetCreateVM vm)
    if(vm.Document != null)
        // Do stuff

Change Request

There was a task to allow attaching multiple files rather than just the single one, and I wasn’t sure of the best approach. I’d used fancy javascript multi-file upload utilities in the past, but I wanted something simpler (for now). A search around turned up this article from Phil Haack where he shows how easy it is.

As he puts it:

In this scenario, we want to upload a set of files. We can simply have multiple file inputs all with the same name.

Now, we just tweak our controller action to accept an IEnumerable ofHttpPostedFileBase instances.

So, in my case all I did was:

  • In the view, added a button with some javascript to append a new <input> element to the form, making sure it had the same name attribute. You could easily do this with knockout (or a similar library) in a more elegant way.
  • Update the view model property to an IEnumerable<HttpPostedFileBase> and update the code appropriately.
  • The model binder / value providers / mvc magic takes care of the rest!

Watch the gotcha

It’s worth noting that any file inputs which are added to the form but not used (no file picked) will come through as null elements in the IEnumerable and will be in form order.

Make sure your code handles this and finds all the valid files from the view model.