This page contains links to handy tools which I’ve grown used to over time. Most are free to download and most I have installed or with me at all times at work.

Text Editing

  • Notepad++ - My go-to text editor of choice when good old notepad.exe isn’t up to the job. I particularly like the simple to use but powerful search / search & replace options.
  • MarkdownPad - A clean and simple side-by-side editor for authoring and previewing Markdown syntax text files. Usually have PanDoc nearby too, for converting markdown into other formats, such as MediaWiki for the company wiki etc.


  • P4Merge - My go-to visual diff/merge tool. In my opinion the best looking merge tool I’ve used, for me it makes even 3 way merges look clear.
  • WinMerge - Great general purpose diff tool. I usually use this for the folder diff features, which is great for deploying local files to a web server or similar tasks.

Source control

  • Source Tree - My go to visual git client. Has the best git graph visulization (for me anyway!) of all I’ve tried.
  • Tortoise Git - It’s like Tortoise SVN… but… git!? Super handy for those times you find yourself doing file manipulation outside of an IDE or other tool.
  • Github for Windows - A nice, modern visual GIT client, which integrates with your github account making basic git tasks easy.
  • Tortoise SVN - The easiest to use Window’s shell SVN client I’ve found.


  • Redgate SQL Compare - A simply brilliant tool for comparing MS-SQL database schemas and deploying changes. Costly, but worth it’s weight in gold at times.

Productivity / Ease of use

  • Slickrun - Quickly launch apps / websites etc. by typing “magic words” into this lightweight prompt. Brilliant for pre-Vista machines with no searchable start menu and more configurable.